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Workshops & Courses

We host a number of workshops, courses and training throughout the year.

The Real You Mentoring Group Workshop - Emerald Programme

Friday 26th May - 9th June 2023

I am so excited to be bringing to you, my Real You mentoring programme. I have brought together more than 30 years of training, knowledge and experience as a Counsellor, Therapist, Life Coach, Stress Management Consultant, Dance Facilitator and a Frequency and Vibrational Alchemist and many more to provide you with this unique mentoring programme.

We are all on different points in our journey and it is not always an easy journey.


There are times we feel alone, lost and not understood and in need of someone to help support or guide us through. I have felt those things too and so have created this Real You Mentoring Programme, to be your guide and metaphorically hold your hand along your path. Each level of your journey is about enabling and empowering you to raise your vibration and to live a life fulfilled.

Do you feel you have some idea of who you really are and want to take this further? Do you feel that you have changed and that loved ones do not understand you anymore? If this resonates with you, then the Emerald Programme is for you.

Do you feel that you have made changes to your life and/or yourself but you are not sure where to go from here? Do you feel like you have awakened from slumbering through life and are feeling a little lost? Do you feel that loved ones and friends seem on another plane and do not understand you anymore? Do you feel unable to realise your full potential due to inner child wounding?

This level of your journey is very much heart based. There is a deeper dive into shifting your old paradigm and changing that self-depreciating inner narrative. In this level the work is not only on a psychological level, it incorporates working on the emotional and mental planes.

For many people, the negative self-talk and distorted thinking patterns have come from inner child wounding. In this programme we include looking at inner child wounding. You will gain understanding to be able to break the patterns and heal your wounding. You will learn how to create more balance and centredness in your life as you work with your heart centre. You will learn to express your true self in a loving and honouring way to yourself and others. You will learn how to honour your individuality and oneness. You will learn how to express your true self in a loving and honouring way to yourself and others.

This programme consists of 3 sessions that are about two hours long. There will be deep inner work, healing discussions, physical energy work, dance and high frequency energy healing meditations. The sessions will be taking place on Zoom and links will be provided via email.

Your investment: £222

£22 Non-refundable deposit required and balance to be paid by 19th May 2023

This includes programme materials and a gift bag.

The Art of Relaxation Online Mini Course

"We are so tense, not only because there are circumstances which make us tense, but basically we have completely forgotten how to relax.. … This must be taught—that forgotten language. The whole of education, the whole of society is teaching everybody to be tense.” Ruhkne and Wurzburger


Are you feeling stressed or anxious? Don’t know how to relax in the moment? This 3 week course will give you simple yet powerful techniques to use in your every day life. You will also gain an understanding of what stress is and how it affects your mind and body.

Whether you are new to relaxation or adding to your existing repertoire, there will be something for everyone. 
Most of us experience tension, anxiety and stress, at some points in our lives. This tension can be stored in our bodies and in our minds. In our bodies it can sometimes be in the form of headaches, muscular tension or shortness of breath etc. In our minds it can take the form of the constant stream of thoughts we struggle to switch off. Anyone can benefit from Relaxation Therapy. You don’t have to have a specific stress related problem to gain from it.

The course will be live and interactive. It will comprise of three one hour sessions taken over three weeks. This will allow you time in between to practise what you have learned and give feedback as to your progress. You will be learning skills that really work. Most people find relaxation really enjoyable. It can instil a sense of psychological as well as physical well being. There are three elements that I cover, controlled breathing exercises, progressive muscular relaxation exercises and creative guided imagery.

What you will need:-

1. A blanket/throw.
2. A mat if you would like to lie down during any of the relaxation exercises.
3. Wear comfortable clothing.
4. Pen and paper just in case you would like to jot down any of your learning.

Your investment: £33


Transference Healing ®

" A seventh dimensional frequency healing and ascension process that is multidimensional, works with the light body, creates alchemy and achieves profound results" and channelled by Alexis Cartwright.

There are a number of Transference Healing ® workshops and training courses from the 3 day flag ship Fundamentals Training course to the one day workshops that take place throughout the year.

For more information follow the link to our dedicated website for Earthstar Alchemy.

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