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The Real You Mentoring Programme


I am so excited to be bringing to you, brand new for 2022, my Real You mentoring programme. I have brought together more than 30 years of training, knowledge and experience as a Counsellor, Therapist, Life Coach, Stress Management Consultant, Dance Facilitator and a Frequency and Vibrational Alchemist and many more to provide you with this unique mentoring programme. See below for my story.


We are all on different points in our journey and it is not always an easy journey. There are times we feel alone, lost and not understood and in need of someone to help support or guide us through. I have felt those things too and so have created this Real You Mentoring Programme, to be your guide and metaphorically hold your hand along your path. Each level of your journey is about enabling and empowering you to raise your vibration and to live a life fulfilled. As we are all on different parts of our journey, I wanted to reflect this, and so have created four programmes.


Have you ever felt like there is more to life than what you are experiencing?  Do you feel unfulfilled in your job or in your personal life? If this speaks to you, then the Ruby Programme is the one for you. See below for further details.


Do you feel you have some idea of who you really are and want to take this further? Do you feel that you have changed and that loved ones do not understand you anymore? If this resonates with you, then the Emerald Programme is for you. See below for further details.


Do you feel energetically blocked or feeling stuck on your ability to manifest your spiritual gifts, destiny and purpose? Do you feel that you are living a life or working a job that is not in complete alignment with your Soul’s purpose? If this resonates with you, then the Sapphire Programme is for you. See below for further details.


Do you feel you require further support to manifesting your spiritual gifts and talents? Do you feel that you are not just of the Earth but feel a connection to the stars? If this resonates with you, then the Diamond Programme is for you. See below for further details.


All these programmes are designed to be stand alone as well as followed in sequence so you can choose to do one programme and as many as you like. You are able to access the programme at any level, so if, for example, you resonate with the Emerald Programme, you don’t have to do the Ruby Programme first. Equally, you can start at the first programme and work your way through each of the programmes and you can do the same programme more than once.


The programmes are available online as well as in person and either 1:1 or as a group. The programme sessions for about one hour long and will take place weekly. There will be regular dates advertised for the group offerings. Please contact me to register your interest in either the 1:1 or group offering.


Ruby Programme


Do you know who you are? Do you know what you want? If you had confidence and trust in yourself, what would your life be like? What are the blocks/self-limiting beliefs you put in your way that stops you living your fullest potential and highest purpose in life? Do you believe in yourself? What would you like your life to be like? 


This is the beginning of your journey to finding your real self and discovering the truth of who you really are, what would classically be called personal development. With this you can discover what is truly possible in your lives and generate a life that reflects this back to you.  You will learn ways to relate to your experiences and learn techniques to help you move beyond the patterns of your past.


This programme consists of 4 sessions that will be about one hour long. There will be deep inner work as we explore old self-limiting beliefs that shape your self-talk and inner story. The programme includes physical energy work and relaxation/meditations.


Your investment: £111


This includes programme materials and a gift bag.


Emerald Programme


Do you feel that you have made changes to your life and/or yourself but you are not sure where to go from here? Do you feel like you have awakened from slumbering through life and are feeling a little lost? Do you feel that loved ones and friends seem on another plane and do not understand you anymore? Do you feel unable to realise your full potential due to inner child wounding?


This next level of your journey to discovering who the real you are, is a deeper dive into shifting your old paradigm and changing that self-depreciating inner narrative. In this level the work is not only on a psychological level, it incorporates working on the emotional and mental planes.


For many people, the negative self-talk and distorted thinking patterns have come from inner child wounding. In this programme we include looking at inner child wounding. You will gain understanding to be able to break the patterns and heal your wounding. You will learn how to create more balance and centredness in your life as you work with your heart centre. You will learn to express your true self in a loving and honouring way to yourself and others. You will learn how to honour your individuality and oneness. You will learn how to express your true self in a loving and honouring way to yourself and others.


This programme consists of 6 sessions that are about one hour long. There will be deep inner work, healing discussions, physical energy work, dance and high frequency energy healing meditations.


Your investment: £222


This includes programme materials and a gift bag.



Sapphire Programme

Have you already spent years looking at personal development and know there are other aspects and pathways to explore? Do you see yourself as a Lightworker and in need of support to clear out blocks that are holding you back from being all that you are, fulfilling your destiny and purpose?


In this next level on your journey, we broaden the spectrum to include working with the spiritual plane. Where there has been work on your negative behavioural and thinking patterns in your current life, we now begin work on your ancestral patterning and karmic wounding. This level works on a spiritual and energetic level.


Learn powerful techniques to release inner turmoil. You will learn simple yet powerful techniques to clear karmic wounding. You will learn to trust your inner self guidance. You will template a new way forward for higher vibrational living.


This programme consists of 6 sessions of about one hour long. There will be deep inner work, healing discussions, physical energy work, dance and high frequency meditations.


Your investment: £333


​ This includes programme materials and a gift bag.


Diamond Programme


Are you a Lightworker * and recognise yourself as a Starseed **? Are you drawn to cosmic and galactic energies?


In this next level of your journey, we will be working on a much more energetic and cosmic level. To gain an even greater understanding of your self you will be looking to the stars as you learn about your astrological chart. You will learn your Chiron wounding *** and how essential this is to your continual evolution and ascension. You will receive a Chiron wounding healing.


You will experience a deep sense of belonging to all that is and awaken an inner awareness of being pure love. You will experience the cosmic and galactic energies through a gridding meditation. This programme is a healing and empowerment process, so you can become self-sufficient and create balance, completeness and wholeness within yourself and your reality.


This programme consists of 8 sessions of about one hour long. There will be deep inner work, healing discussions, physical energy work, dance and high frequency meditations.


Your investment £444


This includes programme materials and a gift bag.


It is time to be the real authentic you. A sacred safe space will be provided to explore your divine nature and to have the power to stand courageously in your truth.


This is an invitation to you to express your truth, to dive into life without fear, to love yourself more fully and deeply and to embody the fullness of your divine creative nature. Now is the time to transcend from ordinary to extraordinary.


* A Lightworker is someone who has worked on clearing their own negativity and distortions, to bring more light into their bodies and who are drawn to helping other people to make the world a better place.


** A Starseed is are souls who feel that they have not only of this Earth but originated from other star systems.


*** Chiron in cosmology, is a planetoid that has been discovered orbiting between Saturn and Uranus. In mythology, Chiron is the Centaur who became wounded. We all have a core wounding and Chiron encourages us to connect with our ability to self heal.


My story so far:-


All good stories begin with once upon a time, and this story is no exception. So, I begin with Once upon a time, in a land far far away, a girl was born. This land was a beautiful little tropical jewel of an island, deep within the Southern hemisphere. She lived there with her family, her dog and cat which she loved very much, and was so happy.


Then one day at the tender age of 2 years old, she was taken on a long journey over land and sea. She ended up on another island but this one was much bigger and colder. She later discovered she was in the northern hemisphere.


She didn’t know anyone in this new place and she didn’t have a dog or cat to keep her company and felt very alone. She was a very quiet and deep child and she also very magical and loved all things mystical. But slowly, as the years rolled by, her magical self all but disappeared. The adult people’s voices were much louder than hers and so convincing that it took a long time before she had a little inkling there was something wrong and that there was more to her than meets the eye.


So began her quest on a journey to find her real self. She started to read books and go on training courses for personal development and to become more confident. She wanted to learn how the body and mind works. As she began to delve deeper and deeper, she noticed that she held many self-limiting beliefs.


However, slowly over time, she realised that she was changing the way she thought about herself. The negative thoughts and beliefs and self -depreciating comments in her mind were slowly dissolving. As a child she loved to dance and tried many forms of dance. It’s when she dances that she connected to herself and, at times, even the divine.


She was also realising that there was more to being the real you than your body and mind. She had always been interested in other worldly things and soon discovered that there were a lot of esoteric knowledge and found herself entering into the world of spirituality.


It was several years later that her magical self was rekindled when she happened upon an event where she met an Elfin Princess and Shamanic Warrioress. Along with still reading and going on courses, she discovered the magical world of energy. She discovered a world of other lives, mystical beings, alchemy, frequency and vibration.


It is through the magic of alchemy she felt transformed and felt a deep sense of peace.

To Recap

The Real You Mentoring has four levels of programmes:-

Ruby Programme - 4 sessions - £111

Emerald Programme - 6 sessions - £222

Sapphire Programme - 6 sessions - £333

Diamond Programme - 8 sessions - £444

  • You can choose whether you want to be in a group programme or 1:1.

  • You can choose from either online or in person.

  • You can choose to do one programme only or to follow a sequence.

  • session are one hour long and weekly.

Contact us to discuss your needs and book on to the programme that suits you.

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