Wellbeing Services

Why not treat yourself to one of the many wellbeing services we have on offer at Crystal House. As Complementary Health Practitioners, Phil & Sarina provide a number of therapies.

We are now providing many of the services below online as well as face to face. Please scroll down to check out which ones are online. These will be provided privately. For more information and to book on please contact Crystal House either via email on relax@crystalhouseretreat.co.uk or by phone on 01997 421 300/ 07890 002 453

The Alexander Technique

"You translate everything, whether physical or mental or spiritual into muscular tension" F.M.Alexander


The Alexander Technique is a powerful tool that will enable you to perform everyday tasks and specialist activities with comfort and ease. It is often known as a body therapy as it involves the placement of hands on the body. It is a very gentle placement and is different from having a massage or chiropractic manipulation.


The Alexander Technique is all about movement. F.M. Alexander observed that for most people most of the time, we often over tense our muscles. This is still the same for most people today. Like just now, stop for a moment whilst you are reading this. How are you sitting as you read this? Do you feel any tension, aches or pain in your arms, neck or back?


Anyone can benefit from the Alexander Technique. It can be enjoyed by all ages and from all walks of life. You don't even need to have poor posture or a bad back to benefit. The session lasts up to half an hour.


Cost: £35

Art of Relaxation

Now available online

"We are so tense, not only because there are circumstances which make us tense, but basically we have completely forgotten how to relax.. … This must be taught—that forgotten language. The whole of education, the whole of society is teaching everybody to be tense.” Ruhkne  


Are you feeling stressed or anxious? Don’t know how to relax in the moment? This mini course will give you simple yet powerful techniques to use in your every day life. You will also gain an understanding of what stress is and how it affects your mind and body.

Whether you are new to relaxation or adding to your existing repertoire, there will be something for everyone.

Most of us experience tension, anxiety and stress, at some points in our lives. This tension can be stored in our bodies and in our minds. In our bodies it can sometimes be in the form of headaches, muscular tension or shortness of breath etc. In our minds it can take the form of the constant stream of thoughts we struggle to switch off. Anyone can benefit from Relaxation Therapy. You don’t have to have a specific stress related problem to gain from it.

The course comprises of three one hour sessions taken over three weeks. This will allow you time in between to practise what you have learned and give feedback as to your progress. You will be learning skills that really work. Most people find relaxation really enjoyable. It can instil a sense of psychological as well as physical well being. There are three elements that I cover, controlled breathing exercises, progressive muscular relaxation exercises and creative guided imagery.

What you will need:-

1. A blanket/throw.
2. A mat if you would like to lie down during any of the relaxation exercises.
3. Wear comfortable clothing.
4. Pen and paper just in case you would like to jot down any of your learning.

Cost: £99


Crystal Chakra Balancing

Now available online


Achieve a sense of equilibrium to your energy/etheric body with the use of chakra crystals. After a brief consultation, your practitioner, this the use of guided meditation and relaxing music, will place chakra balancing crystals on the corresponding chakra's. This process takes place fully clothed. The session lasts up to an hour.

Cost: £45


“First they nursed him. Then they encouraged him. Then they told him to pull himself together… Finally Badger could stand it no longer. “Now look here Toad, this can go on no longer”, he said sternly. “There is only one thing left. You must have counselling!” Robert de Board

There are times in our lives when we can experience difficulties or problems. Maybe were are feeling out of sorts and don’t know why. There are times when we are feeling sad, depressed or anxious.
You know how it is, you want to speak to someone you know about what’s bothering you only to find that they are not really listening. They are either telling you what to do or telling you all about their problems. 

Counselling is not about telling you what to do. It’s not even about giving you advice. It’s about someone who really listens to you in a non-judgemental way. 

Counselling can help you to explore and understand a variety of problems and difficulties.

Counselling can offer you:-

Gain an understanding of difficult feelings.
Help with making a difficult decision.
Gain a new perspective on life.
Increased levels of self-esteem and confidence.
Improve your well being.
More enjoyment in life.

As your counsellor, I will only focus on the areas you want me to look at. I provide both short term and long term counselling. You are in charge of how many sessions you would like to book.

I adhere to the standards and ethics of my professional body. All your information will be treated with respect and kept confidential. There are times when I need to break confidentiality, but you will be fully informed of this. The session takes up to an hour.

Cost: £35

Drum Massage

"In many Shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?" ~ Gabrielle Roth 

Sacred drumming is an ancient way to play. It is not entertainment, it is intertainment. 

With the drum you are going inside to seek a connection, this may be with yourself, others, plants, environments or diverse situations. 

For your massage, a traditional frame drum is used to bathe the physical and etheric body in a profound sound experience. This shamanic practice can be used to relax or energise your body. The session takes up to 45 minutes.

Cost: £35


Gong Bath

Experience the powerful sounds and vibrations  of traditional bronze gongs. The varied frequencies resonate within the body to relax and energise the body. After a brief consultation your practitioner will place the gongs around you. The session lasts for up to 45 minutes and takes place with you fully clothed.

Cost: £30

Guided Wildlife Walk

We are surrounded by beautiful highland hills and mountains with plenty of fresh air and clear starry skies. Discover the wonders of wildlife that surrounds us in this amazing landscape. A variety of walks are provided, tailor made to your capabilities that use your senses to explore nature.

Personal Development Spiritual/Life Coaching

Now available online

Realise your potential

How many times have you wanted to achieve something, started out with good intentions, only to find yourself not achieving them. Just think of how many New Year’s resolutions you’ve made only to find they have fallen by the wayside within weeks.

It’s not that we don’t have things we want to achieve. Many of us do, but often find them to be a bit of a struggle. We often talk about having hopes, dreams or wishes. The trouble with these is that we can hope, dream or wish for these things forever, and they may never come true.

Together we will explore your lifestyle and create a unique programme for you to help you achieve your goals and make those dreams come true.

The session takes place for up to an hour.

Cost: £35

Sound Bath with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Now available online


Experience the sounds of the beautiful Tibetan singing bowls; the sounds and vibrations relax and energise the body. After a brief consultation your practitioner will ask you to select a number of singing bowls from the collection. Your practitioner will then place the bowls around and/or on the body. The session lasts for up to an hour and takes place with you fully clothed.

Cost: £30

Sonic Chakra Alignment

Now available online

The body’s chakra system vibrates at certain frequencies. By creating sympathetic sound vibrations with singing bowls it is possible to bring back a sense of flow and equilibrium to your energy/etheric body promoting wellbeing.

After a brief consultation, your practitioner will select the chakra set of singing bowls to work with you. These will then be placed around and/or on the body.

This session lasts up to 45 minutes.


Now available online

Stress Detoxing

“STRESS — When the skin on your nose is not growing at the same rate as the grindstone is removing it” 

Stress is something we hear often hear about. However, many people are still unsure of what it is. Some people fear using the word stress for fear that what they are experiencing will not be taken seriously.

But stress is very real. It can affect many areas of our lives. Stress affects us all but in different ways. However, there are recognisable signs and symptoms of stress which you can learn to recognise.

When we do get stressed it’s often hard to “ see the wood from the trees.” It is at these times when seeing a Therapist can help. 

What can Stress Detoxing offer you

An understanding of the nature of stress.
Practical ways of de-stressing your life.
Feeling calmer and relaxed.
Increased levels of self-esteem and confidence.
Improve your well being.
More enjoyment in life.

We will explore what your stressors are. I will also look at your lifestyle. This will enable us to create a unique programme for you, to help you learn the causes of stress, recognising the effects on health. Together we will devise a bespoke programme that will provide you with long term healthy and practical options to become part of your life style.

This is an six session programme that provides you with a number of practical tools that you can take away and incorporate into your life style.

Each session lasts up one hour.

Cost: £240

Transference Healing ®

All the one to one sessions are now available online

Transference Healing® is a seventh dimensional frequency healing and ascension modality created and channelled by Alexis Cartwright. Transference Healing ® works with the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and electromagnetic dimensions of the body and consciousness. It also works with the lightbody and creates alchemy. By raising the frequency of the body and transmuting matter into light, Transference Healing® supports you to integrate with your lightbody, raise your consciousness and live a multidimensional reality. It uses elements, sound, colour, alchemy and light to work with the deep levels of your etheric patterning. It works with the resources of frequency, light and matter (elements) to initiate and support ‘transference’; a shift from one state of being into another. Transference Healing® channels universal properties and principles. It unifies many of the healing lineages of our past, present and future.

Your practitioner does not diagnose a condition by analysing the symptoms of disease but look deep inside the etheric patterning of the body and read it with psychic perception. Your practitioner will then channel the universal resources necessary to facilitate a divinely orchestrated healing and enlightenment process.

There are different processes that can be carried out dependent on your needs. Costs for these vary.


For more information follow the link to our dedicated website


NB All above prices are subject to change.