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Sarina and Phil welcome you to Crystal H

Phil & Sarina are the visionaries behind Crystal House. It was from our love of being in nature and our passion for health and well being that brought us to the Highlands of Scotland. We both had long standing careers in working in the environment and with people and wanted to provide a place in nature where people can relax, rejuvenate and feel connected to Gaia.

 It was during their pre-graduate days studying Environmental Studies that Phil and Sarina first met. After graduating, Phil soon became a Countryside Ranger and worked in the countryside for over 20 years. In that time Phil experienced working with a variety of people and performing a vast array of countryside and environmental work.

Sarina was born in Mauritius and came over to the UK at a very young age. After graduating Sarina moved into the caring profession in both field and residential care. Her journey continued and took her into working at a deeper and more therapeutic level with a variety of people. Sarina has always had a thirst for gaining more knowledge and skills, a journey that has taken her to exploring many levels and realms.

Not only in their professional careers, but within their personal lives, Phil and Sarina have long been advocates of and lived greener lives. Whether on a micro or macro level, they would pursue environmental causes, living sustainably as possible and using as many fair trade products as possible.

The marriage, not only personally, but professionally, of Phil and Sarina has brought about a plethora of knowledge, skills and techniques to provide a wide range of services and experiences for visitors to Crystal House.

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