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The Real You Mentoring

I am so excited to bring to you my Real You mentoring programme. Putting together more than 30 years of training, knowledge and experience as a Transformational Healer, Teacher and Mentor to provide you with this unique mentoring programme. See below for my story.


We are all on different points in our journey and it is not always an easy journey. There are times we feel alone, lost and not understood and in need of someone to help support or guide us through. Because I have felt those things too I wanted to create this Real You Mentoring Programme, to be your guide and metaphorically hold your hand along your path. Each level of your journey is about enabling and empowering you to raise your vibration and to live a life fulfilled. As we are all on different parts of our journey, I wanted to reflect this, and so have created four programmes.


 See the following pages for further details.

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