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A sacred space created to support you in your journey to wellbeing. Through the transformational powers of 7th dimensional frequencies of Transference Healing ® you can journey to empowering your health, reconnecting to you truth and realising your full potential.

Welcome to Earthstar Alchemy

For You

We offer one to one sessions to improve health and well being. These can range from a full Transference Healing® to A Child of Light Meditation. Further details on the Wellbeing page.  

As the healing takes place on your etheric patterning, you do not need to be physically present to gain the benefits. We are able to offer these sessions to you remotely.

Self Mastery

Learn to master the frequency healing techniques for your own health and well being. We offer a full range of Transference \Healing ® workshops as well as the flagship Fundamentals training course. Further details on the Transformation page.

We offer these beautiful and powerful workshops and training courses at two locations, either at Crystal House, Strathpeffer, Scotland or In Gloucester, England. Check out venue location on the Transformation page.

In a group

Experience the high frequency energies with like minded people. We offer regular healing meditation events and residential retreats that works with different aspects of your souls journey to awakening and enlightenment. Further details on the Connection page.

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