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Welcome to Earthstar Alchemy

Hi there, you found me. A huge thank you for spending time looking at my website. I guess that you are looking at my stuff because life isn't going the way you would like it to be. You want to make those changes but it's not always easy on your own or maybe you don't know where to start?

My passion is to empower you to develop, heal, grow, be your authentic self and fulfil your true purpose and destiny. I offer a range of ways to work with you to transform you mind body and soul. 

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The Real You Mentoring

I am so excited to bring you, new to Earthstar Alchemy and 2024 my Real You Mentoring. This consists of 4 programmes designed to start where you are at and support you in your journey to being the real you. Each level of your journey is about enabling and empowering you to raise your vibration and to live a life fulfilled.


For You

We offer one to one sessions to improve health and well being. These can range from a full Transference Healing® to A Child of Light Meditation. Further details on the Wellbeing page.  

Sessions can take place either in person, online or remotely. You can discuss which method suits your needs.


Self Mastery

Learn to master the frequency healing techniques for your own health and well being. We offer a full range of Transference \Healing ® workshops as well as the flagship Fundamentals training course. Further details on the Transformation page.


In a group

Experience the high frequency energies with like minded people. We offer regular healing meditation events and residential retreats that works with different aspects of your souls journey to awakening and enlightenment. Further details on the Connection page.

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