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My Story So Far!

All good stories begin with once upon a time, and this story is no exception. So, I begin with Once upon a time, in a land far far away, a girl was born. This land was a beautiful little tropical jewel of an island, deep within the Southern hemisphere. She lived there with her family, her dog and cat which she loved very much, and was so happy.


Then one day at the tender age of 2 years old, she was taken on a long journey over land and sea. She ended up on another island but this one was much bigger and colder. She later discovered she was in the northern hemisphere.


She didn’t know anyone in this new place and she didn’t have a dog or cat to keep her company and felt very alone. She was a very quiet and deep child and she also very magical and loved all things mystical. But slowly, as the years rolled by, her magical self all but disappeared. The adult people’s voices were much louder than hers and so convincing that it took a long time before she had a little inkling there was something wrong and that there was more to her than meets the eye.


So began her quest on a journey to find her real self. She started to read books and go on training courses for personal development and to become more confident. She wanted to learn how the body and mind works. As she began to delve deeper and deeper, she noticed that she held many self-limiting beliefs.


However, slowly over time, she realised that she was changing the way she thought about herself. The negative thoughts and beliefs and self -depreciating comments in her mind were slowly dissolving. As a child she loved to dance and tried many forms of dance. It’s when she dances that she connected to herself and, at times, even the divine.


She was also realising that there was more to being the real you than your body and mind. She had always been interested in other worldly things and soon discovered that there were a lot of esoteric knowledge and found herself entering into the world of spirituality.


It was several years later that her magical self was rekindled when she happened upon an event where she met an Elfin Princess and Shamanic Warrioress. Along with still reading and going on courses, she discovered the magical world of energy. She discovered a world of other lives, mystical beings, alchemy, frequency and vibration.


It is through the magic of alchemy she felt transformed and felt a deep sense of peace.

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