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Experience the high frequency energies of  Transference Healing with like minded people. Throughout the year we offer healing meditation events and residential retreats that works with different aspects of your souls journey to awakening and enlightenment. 

See below for what events are coming up and details of these events. If you would like further information and for a booking form please contact:

Sarina on M: 07890 002 453


Summer Solstice Crystalline & Cosmic Meditation

Friday 21st June 2024
7.30 - 9 pm

The solstice is always a time of huge energy, particularly that of cosmic energies. In the Northern Hemisphere the solstice represents the starting of summer. On this day, we will have the longest period of sunlight and the shortest period of darkness. The summer solstice brings forward energy and helps us to step out of our internal state of being and into the light. All that we have contemplated over the winter months can now be shed, and a sense of freedom and lightness can be felt.

To support you during this powerful time, I have been inspired to work with these energies, in this high frequency meditation event, working with high frequency crystalline and cosmic frequencies. This will be a journey to connecting with your Higher Self and tapping into your multidimensional being. These are no ordinary meditations but are sacred teachings that will bring through technologies incorporating frequencies of light, sound and colour necessary to transmute our physical bodies and filter in the lightbody. You will also experience being tuned into the Earth’s sacred geometry crystalline energy grids to enable a healing to occur within the body and consciousness to help move us from duality, to oneness and unconditional love.

A sacred space will be created that will support a divine healing process. Along with the spiritual energetic impact of the meditations, you will experience a transference shift and be supported in the integration of your lightbody.

As part of your commitment and as preparation to receiving the energies, places will have to be booked and paid for in advance. Payment can be made direct with card and there will also be tickets available at Eventbrite.

Your investment: £33

This is an in person event.

Venue: Hemel Hempstead area

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Earthstar Healing Sanctuary

Earthstar Healing Sanctuary is my online support community group created to support your healing and transformation in these challenging times. I will be working with high frequencies to enable you to clear distortions, clear karmic wounding and raise your vibration as you make your soul journeys to enlightenment. As members of the group I offer you:-

* A full Transference Healing for the group once a month for the full moon.

* Weekly Animal Magic Energy Forecast readings.

* A range of wisdom teachings and meditations throughout the year.

*A powerful shamanic Sacred Circle of Fire ceremony at the New Moon.

Your investment: 

Experience the magic of these healing frequencies by becoming Sanctuary Members. This is a private group with a monthly membership subscription fee. You can cancel your membership at any time.

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Healing Inner Child Wounding - Awaken The Magic Within


Do you have inner child wounding? Do you feel unable to realise your full potential due to childhood blocks and traumas still surfacing in your life?
I remember it once being said that all of us are born like shiny clear diamonds. But that over time, these beautiful diamonds get covered over with the tarnish of negative life experiences and our shine gets lost beneath these layers. Your inner child wounding can keep you from being able to be who you really are and can continue to disempower you.

As you heal your inner child wounding and the layers get cleared away, you begin to tap into your vast potential. You feel yourself connecting with your heart and feel the purity within. You are able to grow emotionally and spiritually.

This  4 day non residential retreat works on healing your inner child wounding, restoring balance and connect more with your heart centre. It is about exploring the creative power of your imagination through different mediums including creative play and frequency healing meditations. This deeply healing and powerful retreat encourages you to awaken your gifts and talents as you journey into the magical realms as you are guided through a number of inner child healings.

You will begin your frequency healing journey with a sacred sounds meditation on the first evening. As well as the sacred workshops you will also receive a one to one Child of Light healing session for each individual. It brings through crystalline frequencies which work on the deep levels of your etheric patterning to clear inner child pain.

There will also be group meditations, including Child of Light Meditation that will further enhance the integration of stellar/light and crystalline frequencies as it incorporates the high frequency energies of the magic of Merlin and Unicorn magic.

You will still have time to book any one to one session with Sarina. Available sessions will include Transference Healing ®, crystal chakra balancing, spiritual mentoring, the Alexander Technique.

Your investment is £777 which includes  all the healing meditations including the one to one sessions. You will also receive a gift bag worth over £100 which includes a Child of Light Meditations and Affirmations book and cards set, a Child of Light purification spray, crystals and other goodies.

I am able to offer an easy payment scheme.

Sahmain & Karmic Wounding RealTreat
Date: TBC


Have you ever noticed how there are times when you are with certain people and you can feel exhausted after you have been in their company. Or you may have a certain experience that leaves you feeling drained. If this only happened once or twice over a life time, we would be OK. However, this is often not the case. As this happens to us over and over again, we soon start to feel depleted and this can lead to further fatigue and difficulty in enjoying life.

Sahmain is a powerful time energetically when the veils are at their thinnest and an excellent time to clear karmic wounding. This high frequency 3 day non-residential RealTreat works on severing karmic wounding, clearing etheric and astral energies. There will be healing workshops that will give you some tools to take away and work on yourself, and healing meditations to experience the high frequency energies that help you disconnect from the karmic situations and old restrictive patterning and emotions. Note that you will not be severing your relationships with loved ones, friends etc. but clearing the depletion that causes it. There will be a sacred sounds meditation on the first evening. 

On Sahmain itself there will be a final healing meditation will be a powerful shamanic Sacred Circle of Fire that includes working with the four directions, the guardian essences of specific animal magic, crystals and elements. This beautiful circle will help purify your power centre and create a state of empowerment and enlightenment.

The cost of the retreat is £444 which includes all the healing workshops and meditations. You will also have a gift bag which includes crystals and a journal as well as other goodies.

You will still have time to book any one to one sessions that I provide. Available sessions will include Transference Healing ®, crystal chakra balancing, the Alexander Technique.

 I am able to offer an easy payment scheme.

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